“I can’t do anything unless I am convinced it is necessary for the

good of England and for the good of mankind”

Barnes Wallis : A Genius of Our Time

Sir Barnes Neville Wallis (1887-1979) was an English Scientist, Engineer and Inventor most associated with the famous Dambusters raid of 1943; when the legendary

'bouncing bomb' that Wallis developed was used by the Royal Air Force 617 Squadron

in Operation Chastise to destroy several of the dams in the Ruhr, Germany during the Second World War.

However, Wallis’ working life covered seven decades and put him at the forefront of aviation progress during that time. Wallis was responsible for the R80, one of the most beautiful of airships ever built, and the R100, one of the most successful. He introduced geodesics into aircraft design and developed the swing-wing Swallow with its variable wing sweep. Wallis’s life was not only centred around aeronautics and aerial warfare but also included significant contributions to medical science, education, maritime engineering, astronomy and other areas. Wallis participated in the development of radio telescopy and nuclear submarines, pioneered work in the de-icing of trawlers, and gave much time and money to educational advancement and to charity.


This collection, created in partnership with the Barnes Wallis Family, showcases

his life and achievements. In commemoration of the Dambusters 75th Anniversary

it starts with the development of the incredible ‘Bouncing Bomb’. More items will be added to the collection and will showcase the genius of this brilliant engineer.

Part of the proceeds from each sale contributes to the Barnes Wallis Foundation.