• Typhoon Display Team 'Heat Change' Mug


    Produced to celebrate the POWER and NOISE of those magnificent engines is this magical 'heat change' Typhoon Display Team Mug. 

    Just add hot water to see the black colour magically disappear to light up the re-heat of the exhaust ports of this official Typhoon Display Team Mug!

    Made of ceramic the normally black mug features a silver silk screen printed design of two graphic Typhoons on each mug side. In the centre is the exhaust ports and the team tag line '#BringTheNoise.

    When hot water is added the exhaust ports light up with a dye sublimated printing of a re-heat design and the Typhoon Team's official logo.

    This mug is a must have for every Typhoon fan!

    Please Note: This mug is NOT Dishwasher Safe and must be washed by hand.

    • Full Specification

      • Satin ColourChange Mug
      • Heat reveal mug
      • 285ml capacity
      • Dimensions: 92 x 81mm
      • Not Dishwasher Safe

    © 2020 PRIDE OF THE SKIES.

    BBMF/Typhoon images ©Christiaan Lowe Photography (07861) 178499.  Chinook Masthead: © Flt Lt Andy Donovan, RAF Odiham. Typhoon page image © www.vivporteous.co.uk

    All other images ©Baile & Taylor

    RAF BBMF™ and RAF Typhoon Display Team™ Logo's. These are trade marks of the Secretary of State for Defence and are used under licence

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